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Building Plan Approval

Building Plan Approval

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building plan approval   Dan building plan application status

In order to automate the building plan approval process for the SPA Areas under MMRDA purview, in line with applicable DPs and DCRs, MMRDA has implemented MAHA-

Applicant submit the application seeking approval of building plan with necessary enclosure 3 sets and Form 49 if the Local body fall in LPA or NTDA Area Its high speed and accuracy is a boon to all stakeholders Within minutes it is capable of analyzing the building plans and generates a set of Reports, which

इंडिया क्रिकेट मैच लिस्ट Any person who intends to construct, reconstruct, make alteration or additions should apply to the Online Portal of Building Plan in NDMC Website  b) Portal User: The architectapplicant who submit the building plan for approval Page 6 Building Permission Application 4

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