Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls for Kitchen, Cooking and Baking. 1QT, 2.5QT, 4.5QT, Black Handle & Spout, Free Ebook

You can add an extra 1/2 QT when filling to the top. Set includes 4. 5qt, 2. 5qt and 1. 0qt. Stainless steel - inside measurements, Polished inside mixing bowl, Easy to Clean, Dishwasher Safe. Pouring spout - No dripping mess when pouring your ingredients. Non skid bottom - Stops accidents and spilling with a bowl that stays in place.

Free eBook by e-mail. Easy hold silicone handle - Keeps fingers out of the food. New product for 2016! free extended warranty with registration. Stainless steel mixing bowls set of 3 with silicone NON skid base, wide open top for no splash mixing, easy to hold silicone handle and no mess pouring spout.

Cheese Grater, Box Design, Stainless Steel, Multi-purpose, 6 Sided Hex, Cooking Secrets Ebook

New for 2017. Stainless steel, easy to Clean, Non slip Base, secure grip, Dishwasher Safe.6 blade design to zest, slice, dice, shave. Features include: * stainless steel * secure grip * contoured handle * non-slip base, which can come off for cleaning if needed * extra large 9 inch height, but still fits in your kitchen cabinets * easy to clean * dishwasher safe top rack * no moving parts that break or clog! multiple cuts with BLADE DESIGN: * Zest * Slice * Shred * Dice * Shave SIZE OF CUTS: * Fine * Coarse * Ultra-coarse TYPES OF FOOD YOU CAN USE: * Cheese * Carrots * Zucchini * Cucumbers * Citrus Zest * Potatoes * Nutmeg * Butter * Minced Garlic * Fresh Bread Crumbs * Cinnamon Sticks * Fresh Horseradish * Hard Boiled Eggs * Fresh Coconut * Lemon * Parmesan * and much more!! Bonus extended productwarranty.

Multi-purpose 6 sided box-hex grater has 6 different stainless steel blades for every common cut that you need in your kitchen. Grater includes an easy grip contoured handle plus a non slip base for precise cutting. Dishwasher safe top or lower rack. Ginger, garlic, parmesan, Spice, Veggies, cinnamon, lemon, Nutmeg, Carrot and more.

Easy to use and clean. No moving parts that break, Shred, clog or get lost. Multi purpose use. Includes recipe ebook and 121 Cooking Secrets eBook by email.

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Ginger, cinnamon, parmesan, Veggies, Spice, Nutmeg, lemon, garlic, Carrot and more. Easy to use and clean. Heat-resistant up to 500 degrees F. Bonus extended productwarranty. Perfect for all your baking needs. Stainless steel, secure grip, Easy to Clean, Non slip Base, Dishwasher Safe.6 blade design to zest, dice, slice, shave.

This 3 piece silicone set includes the popular spoon, small and medium spatulas. Stain and odor resistant; dishwasher safe. No moving parts that break, Shred, clog or get lost. Multi purpose use. Includes small- and medium-sized spatulas plus large-sized spoon-style spatula. Dishwasher safe top or lower rack. 3-piece set of flexible silicone spatulas in blue.

Translucent blue-tinted, crystal-like plastic handles with holes for hanging. Includes recipe ebook and 121 Cooking Secrets eBook by email. High quality.

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